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Old Homepage of CapiSuite

CapiSuite is an ISDN telecommunication suite providing easy to use telecommunication functions which can be controlled from Python scripts. Currently, mainly voice functions and fax sending/receiving are supported. CapiSuite is Open Source under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

It uses a CAPI-compatible driver for accessing the ISDN-hardware, so you'll need an Eicon or AVM card with the according driver.

CapiSuite is distributed with scripts providing a multi user answering machine with automatic fax recognition, remote inquiry and fax send/receive functions.

Due to private reasons, Capisuite is not any longer maintained by me. Some people wanted to continue CapiSuite development in the last years, but so far not much additional development has occured, sorry. If you're interested in the further maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact me...




  • For all interested parties, a complete repository dump is now available on the "Repository" page (see left bar)


  • A new maintainer for CapiSuite has been found. :-) As we still need to sort out some details, it may take some additional time to finally pass over duties. Stay tuned... Latest at the beginning of March, the new home will be online and CapiSuite development will continue there...


  • I layed down the role as CapiSuite maintainer. CapiSuite needs a new maintainer. Please see my mail on capisuite-users for details.


  • Wiki software updated to the current release - hopefully this prevents spammers now


  • Mantis bugtracker updated to the current release (0.19.2)


  • removed some dead links from the download page, updated links to Debian packages

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