CapiSuite 0.4.5

Gernot Hillier

Table of Contents

Welcome to CapiSuite
Structure of the manual
1. Getting Started
Requirements and installation of CapiSuite
Updating from previous versions
How CapiSuite works, how it is configured and started
How does CapiSuite work?
Configuration of CapiSuite
Startup of CapiSuite
Features and configuration of the default scripts
Script features
How the scripts work
Script configuration
Deleting old files
Using CapiSuite together with the default scripts
Receiving calls
Doing a remote inquiry
Sending fax jobs
2. Users Guide
Introduction to Python
Python Basics
Blocks, Functions and Exceptions
Working with modules
A first look on the incoming and idle scripts
The incoming script
The idle script
Used file formats
Format of voice files (inversed A-Law, 8kHz, mono)
Format of fax files (Structured Fax Files)
Tutorial: writing an incoming script
Basics and a really dumb answering machine.
Improving it to a useful (?) state
Using sensible file names
Automatic fax recognition and receiving
Example for an idle script
Structural overview of the default scripts
CapiSuite command reference
A. Acknowledgements
B. CAPI 2.0 Error Codes
CAPI errors describing connection problems
Protocol errors
ISDN error codes
Internal CAPI errors
Informative values (no error)
Errors concerning CAPI_REGISTER
Message exchange errors
Resource/Coding Errors
Errors concerning requested services

List of Examples

2.2., improved
2.3. using unique filenames
2.4. Adding fax functions
2.6., version for CapiSuite